Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Taste & Technique

Our school, Cornerstone Christian, had a spaghetti feed & raffle last night to raise funds for new computers. In an effort to help & get our name out there we created a new cupcake bouquet.
We raffled it off along with a gift certificate for another one.

Just to make your mouth water - it was a Hummingbird cake. I call it my hybrid. It's carrot cake with a twist. Instead of raisins and spices, we used banana, coconut, & pineapple to compliment the carrots. It's perfect in consistency, super moist and super yummy. We topped it with cream cheese frosting & made the petals out of decorating sugar & marshmallows.

Overall the night was a success. Money was raised & our bouquet was oohed & ahhed.

If you like these cupcakes check out That's where I got this idea & many more. Their cupcakes are fantastic! You can also check out their books "Hello cupcake" & "What's New Cupcake". I'm a huge fan of their ideas. And if you like to keep it simple they use mostly store bought frosting & decorating items. I prefer make mine from scratch, but it's great on the mom on the go!

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