Monday, January 24, 2011

Pie Is The New Cupcake

So have you heard that pie is the new cupcake? That's right, pie is in and cupcakes are out. Cupcakes are old hat. A memory to be looked back on with fondness. Well I love pie, but my love affair with cupcakes hasn't come to an end quite yet. Though I admit I have taken some what of a hiatus. I still love to pour my heart into something that will make you smile.

The funny thing is that life is like the cupcake fad - ever changing and sometimes hard to keep up with. I know for me and my family the last year as been a whirlwind of changes. My husband's job as changed three times and we've moved across the country twice. My boys are getting bigger and conquering new challenges everyday. The baby days are on their way out and I have a future of two kiddos in school and one trying to keep up with his big brothers.

Just like a cupcake is short and sweet, so are the moments that make me smile. Those moments in my day that put a little sweet in my cheeks...Zaiah reciting his verse for the week, Canon snuggling on my lap in front of the oven watching this batch of cupcakes, Noah excitedly telling me about some new science project or Matty's smile across the room while wrestling the boys. Jesus, my Master Baker and creator of everything beautiful gives me these simple pleasures. These are the things that I must treasure in the face of change and the ups and downs that come with it.

Sometimes I have a batch of cupcakes that fail completely - a total disaster! Or maybe the batch is just slightly off and needs to be tweaked just a little. Isn't that the way of life sometimes? The great thing about baking is you can always start over and try again no matter how epic the fail. Jesus gives us that second chance as well. Over and over, til one day He finishes the work He started in us.

So my hope is to get back into my baking when I can, but more than that to let the little moments in life sweeten my day and bring a smile my heart knowing that Jesus loves me. My prayer is that you can do the same. Allow the opportunity that mistakes bring to change you and enjoy the little cupcakes of life to brighten you day.

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