Friday, November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good...
~Psalm 118:1a~

I admit that when it comes to Thanksgiving traditions our family is lacking.  We've moved around so much, you'd think I would have made it a priority, but alas I am not perfect.  Now you know.  So this year I decide to change my track record for Thanksgiving.  I start three things that I plan to do every year for now on.  We started our morning with homemade cinnamon rolls and a thankfulness jar. I decorated a mason jar- one that my dear friend Jami had shared some organic goodness with me.  We sat around the table and shared the things we were thankful for and then put them in the jar.  I look forward to the coming years and looking back on the things the boys were thankful for. After sharing lunch with new friends we decorated gingerbread houses and watched Elf.  It was a wonderful day.

I am thankful and I give all thanks to the Lord.  Mostly I am thankful for His grace that pours down and rushes through my life.  I feel this rush in my marriage.  I am thankful for my husband, his goodness to me and faithfulness to our family.  I see the flood of His grace in my boys.  I am thankful that as my boys grow they delight in Him and wonder at the world around them.  Our home is warm and toasty, cupboards are full, hubby has an amazing job and we have the most amazing family and friends. I am blessed beyond what I deserve.

...for His lovingkindness is everlasting.
~Psalm 118:1b~

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