Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do you ever wonder if Jesus loves you? Or maybe the question is How can He love me and how does He show it?  To be honest, I always wonder why He takes such delight in me and why He chooses me, desires me.  But I know that He does and in the last month I have seen Him show it in little ways that amaze me.

For example, the hubbs and I recently moved from Tennessee to Florida and I see His love in the friends He blessed me with while in Nashville.  He has blessed me with encouraging women of faith in every town I have lived in.   He loves me through the fellowship of His saints.

Example #2, every time we move He provides a home for us that is just right.  This one makes me giggle a little.  You see when Matt and I came to Florida to look around we drove through a neighborhood and thought to ourselves how nice it would be to live there.  So we went through the process of renting our place and are quite happy with it.  On Saturday we drove through the back side of our neighborhood and found ourselves in the very area we wanted to be in! We didn't really even ask Him for it -He just knew.  He loves me through His provision for my needs and my wants.
Just to be clear, the main reason I know Jesus loves me is because He chose to come to earth in the form of a man, die to cover my sins, rise to victory and promised to return for me some day. His grace and salvation is love enough. But He chooses to do more.   He interweaves His love throughout my day.  Like the picture above.  The first day Matt and I were in Florida we took the kids to a park.  While playing we looked up and saw an airplane writing in the sky, "Jesus loves you.".

Today I encourage to look for His little bits of love through out your day.  Maybe it was the sight of the rising sun glistening off the snow.  Perhaps it is the smile of your children or a song that bids your heart to rise and worship Him.  Whatever the example, know this you are always loved.

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