Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Simply Tuesday

Have you read an Emily P. Freeman book?  If not, you Simply must.  I discovered Emily's blog & books a couple of years ago and found her words to be key in the soul journey Jesus has been leading me on.  When you read one of her books it's almost as if she is a dear friend sitting at your worn kitchen table sharing in mugs of hot coffee and scones.  You know the type; the kind that takes the words right out of your mouth and finishes your sentences.

I have had the disctinct pleasure this summer to pre-read her newest book, Simply Tuesday.  Once again her honest heartfelt words have hit home and become food for my journey.  In this fresh work of art Emily shares her lessons of learning to live Simply,  to embrace the small things in God's kingdom and to enjoy the ordinary life of Tuesday.

In her last book, A Million Littles Ways, I was challenged to see myself through God's eyes - as an artist.  I was encouraged to step out in faith and exercise the gifts I was given and to glorify God in the beauty I made.  I kid you not, I was pumped! I was ready to paint the world and shine brightly.  It was pivotal to the places God was placing me to serve and the direction I thought He was taking our journey.

The funny thing is, my journey didn't go big and turn down the path I was expecting.  Instead, the dreams and passions I wanted to live & breathe were placed on a back burner and Jesus opened a different door.  A door I didn't think I wanted to open.  A plain looking door.  Emily's encouragement humbly exposed my bruised pride and drew me to sit on her bench to breath in the beauty of God's Simple plan for this season in my life.

I invite you sit on the bench.  Take the time to read Simply Tuesday.  Close your eyes and ears to the chaos of today and let her words of truth resound in your soul.

Discover Emily at www.emilypfreeman.com and preorder her book at www.simplytuesday.com.

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  1. I love this and agree that keeping the bench warm on a Tuesday is so much more fascinating (and rewarding) then being the dancing queen at a party on a Friday ;)