Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A venture into sweetness.

It's summer vacation, my hubby is unemployed, & we've moved back to our hometown. While reconnecting with old friends over lunch & trying figure out what the future holds, we begin talking about our love for baking & decorating. I've been chewing on it for a few days and tossing around ideas with the hubby & my friend Jamie. So I've decided to venture into the the world of cupcakes & cake decorating. Who knows if anything will come of it. Perhaps only the solidification of a friendship or a way to pass the long summer days. Or may, just maybe, I might be good at this. Either way I am willing to stretch my imagination.

I suppose my love of decorating first started the birthday my mom made me a doll cake. Now days you can purchase a kit, but my momma went to the craft store, bought a half a doll to place on a fork and then inserted into the cake. Each year was a new theme & a new cake. I remember Ragedy Ann, a piano and many more. Since then I have loved making food fun & beautiful. I don't care if it's the dinner salad or a birthday cake. I want it to tickle your tastebuds & delight your eye.

Why lil sweet cheeks? Because I have three sets of lil cheeks that I love to kiss & chew on. And there is nothing sweeter than seeing those cheeks spread wide with a smile & covered with frosting. So come with me if you like, as I explore my little hobby. It will be a road paved with sweet goodness.


  1. I think you found somebody just as excited as you are. Another sleepless night thinking of chocolate, buttercream, and candied limes. Can't wait to enjoy the ride with you!

  2. I think you're going to do well at this. Enjoy and know that you're in my prayers.