Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We have a tradition in our family called "sale-ing".  It happens on Saturday morning and begins with a trip to our favorite local doughnut shop.  We then proceed to every yard/garage sale we can find. Usually the excitement wears off and the kids get whinny, begging for McDonalds. But a few weeks back I hit the jackpot.  It was late afternoon and usually most of the good stuff is gone, but I spied some dining room chairs as we drove by and begged everyone to hang in for one last stop.  The kind lady was ready to unload it all and offered me all three chairs for a dollar.  One stinking buck, one clam, a single, one little bill. Matt was skeptical, but I was ecstatic. I had plans for these babies.

To be honest only one of the three were useable right away.  I cleaned it up and quickly made a new chair cushion for it.  Viola! New to me chair, and extra seating.  The other two were in desperate need of repair.  They needed gluing, sanding, paint, and new cushions.  Over the course of a week, I loving labored over these two chairs until they were completely restored and given new life.  As I spent time investing in these chairs, I saw a beautiful picture of our lives and what the Lord does for us.  Bear with me, my brain dances in allegorical pictures, but sometimes drowns in forming the words.

The word Restoration means the return of something to a former, original, normal or unimpaired condition.  It is the restitution of something taken away or lost.  Are you seeing the same same alluring picture I did?

Jesus Restores our lives.  He paid the price demanded, seeing in us a delightful finished creation.  When others are skeptical of our worth He lovingly labors over our lives.  Pouring into us all of His creativity, He returns us to our original unimpaired condition - a sinless being bringing great pleasure to our Maker.  He is our Restitution. He gives back to us the life He first breathed into us.

You can look through scripture and see His Restoration.  It's an ever flowing story of His love.  He healed Job and restored him to an even greater place than before.  He restored Israel her land in Joel chapter 2. In the New Testament He makes the blind man see, the lame walk and raises the dead.  Finally He promises to one day return and complete the Restoration.  Just check out Revelation chapter 21 & 22!

While contemplating this idea of Restoration, I came across a detail in the picture that peaked my interest.  In every example I found that restoration went hand in hand with repentance.  Job repented and God Restored him.  Israel repented and God Restored her land.  Whenever Jesus healed someone, they were always forgiven first and foremost.  Repentance signals a willingness, a desire to change.  No, my chairs did not come to life and seek Restoration, but they were able to be fixed - willing. Are you? Am I willing to repent and allow the Savior's hands piece my life together, sand away my rough edges, and recreated in me a loveliness that brings Him joy?

By the way, the other chair that didn't need as much work - it's still a center piece in my home.  Still has amazing worth and brings me just as much joy as the other two chairs do.  What ever our state, be it completely broken or just a little tattered, Christ desires us all.

Repent therefore and be converted that your sins may be blotted
out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of
the Lord, and that He may send Jesus Christ 
who was preached to you before, 
whom heaven must receive until the times of Restoration
of all things, which God has spoken by the mouth of all His 
holy prophets since the world began.
Acts 3:19-21 


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  1. Kellbell, the way God speaks through you is so amazing. This hit the spot. <3