Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's quiet. I don't hear anything rolling down the stairs, no one is screaming, there isn't any thumping on the ceiling above.  It's peaceful.  Canon is content with his trains and I feel slightly lost. The big boys have started the school year.  Yes I said boys plural.  Both Noah & Zaiah are away at school this year. And I can't believe it!!!

When you're holding your small wee one for that first time, flashes of Kindergarten are not the images you see.  You imagine hours of cuddling, learning to crawl and then walk.  But one day they are going to walk right out that door to a classroom teaming with other curious kiddos.  Even when you think you've prepared yourself, you're still not ready for that fateful day. And that's where I stood yesterday.  He didn't even look back and I was embarrassingly shaking from my tears. And he was the second child to take that step!!

Day two wasn't any different.  In fact this time I didn't even get out of the car.  They both jumped out and ran off for the day's adventures.  It felt a little more normal this time and I know by the end of week it will be old hat.  Change though uncomfortable at first, always strengths us and in the end brings joy.  Nothing is more joyful for a mother than to watch her boys grow into polite, kind, Jesus loving little troopers ready to explore this great world each day. So happy New School Year all and here's to your little troopers! Oh and to you and a quiet morning cup of coffee as well.

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