Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Greetings

God is so good. Every year He shows Himself faithful. I’d surprise you and tell you we’ve moved again, but I don’t thing that surprises anyone anymore. We moved this last October to Nashville, TN for a big promotion for Matt in WayFM. He is now a co-host/producer of a national afternoon show. It’s been awesome to see God reassure Matt of his talents and move him to a position to use them. He loves the adventure so far! The boys and I are busy getting into a routine of homeschooling and finding our way around the city. Noah, now 7, loves gymnastics, dance and music. This little kid loves the lost and has a heart for everyone to know the Lord. I can’t wait to see God use him! Isaiah is now 5 and continues to be the quiet observant one. His big heart makes the least of these feel loved. When he isn’t using big words to describe his latest thought, he is plugging away at a sketch book of creations. Canon will be 3 in a week and continues to be a whirl wind of activity. He’s constantly trying to keep up with the big boys and keeps me on my toes. His big smile and giggle gets me through the day. I’ll admit that after as many moves as we’ve made and absolutely falling in love with Wichita I have had a harder time adjusting in this next season of our lives. But God’s grace is so amazing. With each struggle He imparts His peace to me and encourages me to get up and dig in. And so the McNeillys keep growing and stretching in God’s will for our lives and look forward to the new year expectantly.

Every year I gain a new perspective on Christmas and add to my understanding of God and who He is. This year I was struck with the realization that it’s not all about me, my life, and my ups & downs. From the moment history began it has been about God. Think of history as a movie – the entire storyline points to God as the main character and to the grand finale ending in the entire world knowing of His holiness and glory. Christmas, Jesus’ birth is the climax of this story. And we are mere extras with an eighth of a second appearance in His movie. We tend to think that the short span of our lives is important and has great meaning. In reality it is nothing in the scope of the big picture. Yet, in all of His greatness, the Creator of the Universe chose to make it about us. Jesus came for us. In His big moment he made it about a humble young woman, about dirty shepherds, about the wise and rich men. Born a humble babe to one day die a violent death- all for us! Why? Because, He delights in us. He loves us. He desires us. It is our hope this Christmas season that you grasp the magnitude of who Jesus is and the absolute absurdity of His love for us. In that moment of clarity, we pray that like the shepherds and wise men of old you are brought to your knees in worship of the Almighty God. Merry Christmas and may the new year continue to show you the greatness of Jesus!

Matt, Kelly & Boys

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