Friday, January 6, 2012

A Tattoo And This Year's Heart Lesson

For several years I have wanted a tattoo. I want a sparrow with a ribbon in it's beak and on the ribbon something that greatly symbolizes my life and walk with the Lord. Matt even made me an appointment for one on my thirtieth birthday, but I chickened out. It's probably not a bad thing seeing as I still can't decide what to put in the ribbon. 

Sometimes I feel like my soul is so rough around the edges. God is continually pressing in, honing and polishing this diamond that will one day be presented before His throne.  I could inscribe my ribbon with the lesson learned about awaiting His timing. His timing is perfect and His plan for me complete. Or perhaps the word treasure should be printed upon it, from when I learned to let go of earthly positions and place the yearnings of my heart upon heaven. And then there is the lesson of following His leading. I am a pilgrim on a journey. Of course after accepting that lesson I had to learn to trust where He guided my steps despite my planning. Currently I think I would have to engrave my ribbon with the lesson of being still and knowing God. Of course I'm still in the midst of that one. 

Really there has been so many lessons and I know so many more are to come. There isn't enough room on that ribbon, I might end up with a whole tattooed sleeve. Then my mom would probably disown me! So for now the tattoo will have to go at the top of my bucket list and maybe someday I will know exactly what to inscribe on my ribbon. For now, I will simply be still. 

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