Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Rain Kissed Afternoon

So here's another one.  Not sure of the ending, but hopefully you'll see the vivid picture in my mind.

The wild thrashing of the rain had beat against the window pane all day. I pressed my nose against the cold glass watching the squiggly lines of raindrops gliding downward. For awhile I stood over Grandmas old wall heater feeling the warmth blow up my legs to surround my small body like an invisible blanket.  I was bored. I could hear the squeals of my little sisters jumping around our bedroom.  They danced like the flames of the fireplace, jumping from one bed to the next.  Dare they fall into the hot imaginary liquid of hot lava they held on to each in pure delight.  I had grown tired of the game and wandered away looking for something else to amuse me.

The gray of the storm matched my mood. Grandma was whisking away at something in the kitchen, while Momma labored over tomorrow's school lessons. Needing a space of my own, I quietly grabbed my sweater and crept to the back porch. So busy were they, that I slipped away unnoticed.  In a way that made me happy, but also a little sad.

The rain, was more like a mist now and I freely twirled and danced. It felt light upon my face.  Like a brush of  Momma's lips for a kiss.  I tapped the branches of the cherry tree, watching the droplets of water spring into the air and fall back to the ground promising the sweetness of rich red cherries come summer.

Then like a fawn I lept through the air bounding toward the grapevines. Diving beneath the branches heavy with the storms out pouring, I crawled beneath the leaves and felt the water drip down my head and into my sweater.  It was cold, but I delighted in the rich smell of rain and dirt.  Above me were dried up old grapes of last season.  Leftovers from Grandma's juice making efforts.  I slowly chewed the tough raisin imagining Grandma's thick juice sliding down my throat. I am warmed by the memory.

Suddenly a brilliant beam of sunlight breaks through my leafy fortress.  The clouds are rolling through the sky as if it were chasing it's future. Peaking out from my hiding spot I find that a canvas of color awaits me. The rainbow fills the sky with vivid hues of blue, red, violet, yellow and green.  My once gray heart bursts from the spectacular show and I can not help the notes of joy that escape my lips. I sing of promises, and praise the Keeper of them.  Wrapping my arms around me to hold this moment tight, I wander through the tall rain kissed grass to the warmth of the house. My rainy day blues gone with the storm, I am ready to again join the adventures of playing hot lava.

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  1. Beautiful...made me miss the sweet moments of growing up with my family surrounding me....and I could always go for a game of hot lava! I love you sis.