Saturday, March 3, 2012

A man's heart plans his ways,
But the Lord directs his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

I can't begin to tell you how true this verse is.  I don't know that I really ever planned on getting married and having a family.  I don't think most people would believe it though. After finishing college without seriously dating anyone, and no desire to go looking for a relationship, I wanted to travel and write. And then God plopped Matt right in my path.  And that is where the wild ride began.

I love to tell the story that God has written on the pages of our life.  I  enjoy the looks of surprise from those who hear it.  My heart is blessed by the testimony of faith and trust it has given us.  I love challenging the younger generation to seek God's will for their lives in full expectation of Him fulfilling it.

Now when I say plop, I do mean plop!  I had finished college and was deciding on my next step when our youth group needed a worship leader.  I'm not much of a musician, but those poor Jr. & Sr. High students didn't seem to notice.  Being apart of the youth ministry lead to winter camp and summer camp.  This led to my now brother and sister-n-law inviting me to lunch and dinner several times and Matt just happening to show up.  Wink, wink. After a month of hanging out with his family, we both prayed about it and felt the Lord's leading.  Matt proposed and six months later we were married.  I think we only had one formal date in that time and it was a double date with his brother and wife.

It's now been eleven years, three little boys, ten states, fifteen houses, and three different radio networks. We've had ups and downs, transitions galore, heart break and joy and I can say that every single moment has the finger print of God upon it. There are so many stories I could share, but for now this is my message-

To the young looking to the future: God has a perfect plan for your life.  He has that one and only help mate created just for you.  You don't have to go searching for anything.  There isn't a need to try several things or people to find what is going to stick.  Be still, and know God. He will direct your steps.

To those in the middle: Maybe life hasn't been what you planned.  Maybe you wrestle with disappointment.  God is still in control.  The awesome thing about God's will is that He can bend it and smooth it the point of bringing Him glory.  He can still give you direction.  And even in the brokenness He can still be given glory.  Again, be still and know God.

For everyone beginning, middle and end: Look back and give thanks for each step taken and God's divine plan.

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