Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Littlest Lizard

Like most stay at home moms, I have many a story that I like to weave and tell to the delight of my children. And probably like many, someday I would love to see them published.  But I am always so busy that getting any of my ideas on paper seems almost impossible.  Well, I've decided it's only impossible if I never try.  Since I was a child all I have ever wanted to do, was write.  Well then, I shall.  So they may be slightly rough, maybe even a little rusty, but I am going to try.  Hope you enjoy.

This one is for my sweet friend, Kim Pennington...

At the end of the road was a small white house with a dark attic.  In the far corner of the attic was a chest - a treasure chest.  Not the kind full of pirate's booty, but the treasures of a boy named Pete and his sister Kate.  Among the treasures tucked inside this chest was, a strong and mighty soldier, a beautiful and graceful ballerina, the bounciest red ball ever, sturdy wooden blocks and the silliest clown named Clinny.  They spent their days in the dark remembering the adventures of Pete and Kate's childhood.

"Remember the time Pete took me camping?", the strong soldier asked.  "He took me to the top of the mountain, where together we defeated bears and mountain lions."

"Oh, I remember when dear Kate took me to see The Nutcracker, I sat upon her lap watching the dancers twirl and swing", said the sweet ballerina.

They each had their favorite memory which proclaimed the greatness of the certain toy and just how special they were to either Pete or Kate.  On and on their days went.  Occasionally, bright sunlight would peep in through the key hole.  They would all bask in the fleeting moment of warmth and wish to be free of their dark confines.  One day, Clinny the clown had had enough and broke down in tears.  "Oh, how I wish to make a child laugh!" The pretty ballerina agreed, sharing how she would love to dance with a graceful little girl once again.  They all began to chime in with their desires, until the strong soldier declared it must be done, " We need to be free of our treasure chest!  Free to bring joy to a small child once again!  Who's with me?" And so they began to work together to build stairs to the top of the chest.  But try as they might, they were not strong enough to lift the lid.  Sadly it was locked on the outside.

A feeling of despair crept into the crowd, when a small quiet voice spoke up, "perhaps I could help?". From the deepest corner of the chest came a lizard.  He was the littlest lizard you have ever seen. Not only was he small, but he was the deepest green.  He blended right into the dark corner.  So much so that none of the toys had noticed him all these years.

"I remember the day Pete got me for his birthday.  I wasn't as fancy as all the other toys and definitely not as big.  I remember some of the other boys snickering at my lack of luster and size, but Pete's smile was warm and welcoming."  "He kept me in his pocket everyday until he went away", said the little lizard.

"Well, you're still little!  How are you going to help us now?" demanded the strong soldier.
"You don't have to be big to be useful" answered the littlest lizard, "sometimes being small is the most helpful of all." And without a word the littlest lizard quickly climbed the stairs and smoothly slid though the key hole. All of the toys were astonished as they heard the click of the lock. Now with the effort of all the toys they were able to lift the lid and climb out of the treasure chest.  The toys danced and cheered until they fell to the ground tired from such joyous celebrating.  It was then that they stopped to thank the littlest lizard and and apologize for doubting him.  They had learned that each one has a special gift to share.

From down the stairs came the sounds of running feet and calls to behave.  Someone was looking at the house and someone was coming their way. As the children came busting into the room the toys froze in their spots. Gleefully the children scooped them up to show to their parents.  The smallest boy took the littlest lizard, kissed him on the nose and then stuck him deep within his pocket.  In the warm dark pocket the littlest lizard smiled in anticipation of adventures to come.

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