Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blessing Because I Am Blessed

We're all on a journey.  Some of us sit in one spot, while others travel the world.  Most important is the journey our hearts take.  Geographical location is pointless if our hearts stay in one place.  I, for one will admit my heart has had seasons of growing and seasons where it has been dormant.  While I haven't questioned who God is and the role Jesus plays in my life, there have been times that I am stretched in my walk and I allow it to grow my faith.  And there have been times, shamefully, that I have sat down, thrown a tantrum and refused to budge.  It all becomes a part of my journey heavenward.

Over the last several months, I have wrestled with our financial state of being - wanting more and not being content with what the Lord has provided and struggling with areas I think are lacking.  In this season, thankfully the Lord has not left me to sit in my pity party.  He has through several venues, challenged me to see how blessed I am.  One Sunday morning, after a Saturday of antiquing and my brain overflowing with crafting ideas, I heard the still voice of Jesus, "look how much you have". I contemplated His words and and began to count all I had - running water, comfortable home, clean clothes, enough food and the bills get paid. Compare that to those who only have dirty water to drink and bathe in, scrimp for food and homes made of scraps of metal and wood and I am in the top 10% of the earth's wealthy. Couple that with what I have been studying in His word and some outside reading I have been convinced it is time to look outside of my selfishness and start reaching out locally, even globally with the blessings God has bestowed upon me.

So...I'm headed to Mexico.  It will be the first mission trip I have taken since college and married life.  Though Matty likes to remind me that I've been a radio missionary for years; it's just been within our borders.  Not only will I be stepping outside of my comfort zone, I must absolutely trust the Lord for provision for both this trip and my family. I want to challenge you to take a look at your life.  What are you taking for granted?  What are you complaining about?  How can you reach outside of yourself and minister to others the love of Jesus?
~Matthew 16:24~
Then Jesus said to His disciples, if any man will
come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross,
and follow Me.

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