Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Golden Gift

I love the beginning of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and the song, "Silver and Gold". There is something endearing about a snowman dancing through golden packages and decorated trees. Sparkles & twinklings make me happy.  Yet in the busyness of decorations, gift lists and holiday festivities, I wanted to focus on the eternal gifts that shine in my life.

When we pulled out the Christmas decorations this last week, there was quite the mess to contend with.  We recently moved and the last of the unpacking ended up in one disorganized closet.  While sorting through the chaos I came across my grandmother's bible.  The pages whispered life as I thumbed through them. Her notes in the margin almost pulsed beneath my finger tips as I caressed her penned thoughts.  My Grandma was an honorable woman, stubborn at times and loved a good joke.  Above all else she was a faith-filled woman.

Tucked in the back of the bible cover were some news paper clippings, a bulletin of missionaries she was praying over and a typed paragraph of her own musings.  As I read the note, it was almost devotional in nature, I saw a part of myself,  Like her, my thoughts of Jesus and life find their place on paper. Through soft tears I rejoiced in the gift I had found: a golden legacy, The loving lives of my grandmother, my mom and my mother's mom have given me the legacy of faith.  These women were a part of shaping my heart.  I now pass on that same heart and faith to my sons and anyone else who reads the stroke of my pen.  A faith legacy is one of eternal value; a golden gift worth both giving and receiving.

What's the golden gift in your life? What legacy have you been given? I'll share a bit of mine with you...

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  1. Very good at provoking my thoughts towards what the golden gift that is in my life. Thank you! And thank you for sharing from Grandma's bible. It brought tears to my eyes and thankfulness for her.