Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wow, where did the weekend go? It was a whirlwind of activity....visit to family, dinner with the lil sis, church, birthday party...the list goes on. (By the way, the B-day cake was adorable & the party a hit. Maddy's momma was amazing!) Yet with all the hustle & bustle, cupcakes still whirled in my head. I have, however found a a road block to conquer - children. Three of them! As I took time to watch a few of my favorite baking shows: Ace of Cakes & Cupcake Wars, I found myself wondering how they would do with three munchkins pulling at their legs, begging for something? I know Jamie wondered the same thing as she worked on a super yummy Cappuccino Cupcake & her lil sweetie tried to dump salt into the batch. How would you distract your sweetie pies to bake?

So despite the distraction of my babies, tomorrow I will forge ahead with plans to make Cookies & Cream Cupcakes. Then on Tuesday, Jamie & I will attempt to perfect our vanilla cupcake. Oh yeah one more in the world am I going to continue baking such yumminess and not get super pudgy? I think my family is a little worried about their waistlines as well. Guess I'll have to conquer that one another day. Goodnite Sunday.

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